The Kingdom of Yugoslavia documentary series

  • 2017

War in the Balkans 1941-1945. for the first time in a documentary that is not colored by ideology

An exclusive story based on documents from all sides of the war: Military Archives in Belgrade, Bundesarchives in Freiburg, National Archives in Washington...

A story covered by archival war films, largely unpublished until now (King Peter II's visit to President Roosevelt in 1942, Roosevelt's gift of "flying fortresses" to the Yugoslav Royal Air Force in October 1943...).

Testimonies of over 40 event participants, filmed in five countries. Footage of the scene today based on wartime photographs.

The documentary was awarded at both festivals in which it participated: "Evro in fest" in Novi Sad in December 2014, as an achievement of special historiographical importance, and "Zlatna buklija", in Velika Plana in May 2015, for directing.

The author of the documentary is Miloslav Samardžić, author of more than 30 books about the Second World War, correspondent of the French magazine "Magazin 39-45", associate of the film company "44blu" from Hollywood.

The historical consultant is retired colonel MgA Dragan Krsmanović, former head of the Military Archive in Belgrade.

Country: Serbia.
Year: 2017
Language: Serbian and English.
Duration: 18 episodes of 30 minutes each.

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